Smart workforces perform best when they have the right tools available to them. These workers need standard simple tools that are available anytime, anywhere. The collective power of these tools allows creative minds to flow and ideas to grow.  Audio Visual and unified communication tools enable employees to create, share in real time. These networked audio, video and visualization technologies are driving the smart workforce.

Talk with Xiera so we can understand your needs and design the right audio visual solution for you.

Xiera programs and sets up your audio visual control system to help you monitor and manage you AV resources promptly and efficiently.

Use the power of an interactive whiteboard or LCD to share and manipulate electronic files or images to your audience.

Create a targeted, interactive, integrated, real-time experience with digital signage for your workplace, customers or products.

Manage and control online the reservations of huddle or conference rooms with Xeria's Room Reservation Services.

Monitor, report, analyze and improve the use of your AV, UC and collaborations solutions.